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  Barat :
Thal Utha
Ganthla Khula
Mandir Prabesh
Grand Procession
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Kanya Agaman:

After the Ganthala Khula the new (this year’s) kanyapita comes to temple and take Devi Parbati to his home where the marriage is to be performed.  A paste of perfumed sandalwood, turmeric and other scented materials are prepared and Gandhashana is performed and later the family gets busy with other important preparation of the marriage.  



Barat and Vivah and Kanya Vidaya:

On the Jesta Suklapakhya Panchami late in the night Lord Siba starts his marriage procession sitting in Nandi (the bull), along with other Gods and Goddesses from his temple. Several folk dancers, kinners, and other dance troops join the procession accompanied by folk drummers.’ The sound of dhol, niasn, muhuri, mandal, jhanj, mridanga and sankha fills the air and transforms the entire environment to a holy one.  Hanuman and Nrusingha takes charges and leads the procession to the bride’s residence. The family of the Goddesses welcome the barat procession (as we do in our marriages). The idols are kept in a beautifully decorated palanquin, the father and mother and other relatives of Devi Parbati performs the Kanyadana and the marriage is solemnised. The next day filled with emotion the kannyapita and his relatives perform the kanyavidaya andthe newly wedded divine couple returns back to the temple in a grand procession.