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  Guagunda :
Thal Utha
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The way we mortals print invitation cards and invite our friends and relatives in our marriages; inn the same manner the invitation of the marriage of divinity is performed, which is called Guagunda. (Guagunda is the traditional word for devanimantran.) Since it is the marriage of the divinity the invited guests would be gods and goddess. Hence, Lord Nrushingha for Lord Balunkeswar of  Nandapada, Lord Hanuman for lord Loknath of Jharuapada & Lord Jageswar Baba of Mudipada, take charges of  inviting various Gods & Goddess of the city for the holy marriage of Lord Siba & Devi Parbati. The Invitation is given in a dana (a cup made of sargi leaves) containing,   beetlenuts, beetleleaves, new cloths, turmeric paste, sweet & sacred thread.