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  Mudipada :
Thal Utha
Ganthla Khula
Mandir Prabesh
Grand Procession
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Once Malis are the major occupants of Mudipada, however presently many non udiyas and other caste also stay there. Malis are one of the Sevayat or Priest of Lord Siba. The Jageswar Baba temple was built by Danej Patel in the year 1850. Other temple like Siba, Jagannath, Ram, Hanuman, Bhubaneswari, Radhakrishna Mandir, Sani Mandir are there in the Mudipada The youngsters of Mudipada decided to join the Sitalsasthi Jatra in 1978 and since then they are participating in the celebration. Every year new President and Secretary are elected for the Sitalsasthi Jatra, this year Badal Dani and Sunil Dash has taken the charge respectively.