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  Nandapada :
Thal Utha
Ganthla Khula
Mandir Prabesh
Grand Procession
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The Utkalya (Udia) Brahmins are the major occupant of Nandapada. It is recorded that King Baliar Singh and Ajit Singh had invited these Brahmins from Puri to settle in this area.  Late  Dibyasingha Mishra took inicitive to  built the Lord Balunkeswar Gudi, one of the major deity of the Utlkyibrahaman. They started the marriage of Lord Balunkeswar which later took the shape of a great festival of Sitalsasthi. Shivaratri, Durgapuja and other religious functions are observed religiously in this Pada as well. Every year new President and Secretary are elected for the Sitalsasthi Jatra, this year Amulya Mishra and Sanjay Mishra has taken the charge respectively.