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  Patarpendi :
Thal Utha
Ganthla Khula
Mandir Prabesh
Grand Procession
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After the ThalaUtha the ritual of Patarpendi follows the marriage of the divinity. Senior most persons of the Pada move out in search of a bride for Lord Siba. The Kanyapita would welcome them to his house. The talk begins with a formal discussion regarding the marriage and the bride’s father later gives his consent of giving the hand of Devi Parbati in marriage to Lord Siba. After the consent a bunch of Sargi leaves (Sal) is given to the bride’s father as a token of promise by the groom’s side. This means that the marriage proposal has been accepted by the bride’s side and marriage between Lord Siba and Devi Prabati is finalised, and the Nirbandha takes place.