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  Grand Procession :
Thal Utha
Ganthla Khula
Mandir Prabesh
Grand Procession
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After the Mandir Prabes, in the midnight hours the divine couple moves out in a grand procession which is called Nagar Parikrama so that the general masses could have their darshan.  This grand procession is the Sitalsasthi Jatra.  Lord Siba & Devi Parbati set in beautifully decorated palanquin.  Several folkdances, troops of kinners, group of folk musicians, different forms of other dances and music, several medhas depleting mythological stories, medhas of interesting idols, gates and parbhas are the main attraction of this procession. It gives illusion of an unending carnival. People from all over in hundreds of thousands join the procession. For two days Sambalpur turns into swarga, a devastali. The procession comes to an end by 3 pm in the afternoon.