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Thal Utha
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As Lord Siba and Devi Parbati are married like common human beings it is obligatory on the part of the organisers to find people those who would act as the father and mother for both the bride and the groom. It is a convention that every year new persons are selected. On the day of AkshyaTrutiya the kanyapita (the father of Devi Parvati) takes a Thala (which is called ShibThala) and comes out from the temple in his hand to collect fund for the marriage which is popularly known as ThalaUtha. With the Thala in his hand he moves from door to door asking for their participation and   involvement in the shape of cash or kind.  Every family of the Pada contributes generously. ThalaUtha marks the beginning of Sitalsasthi Jatra. It is a process of collecting and generating fund and thereby involving each members of the society. It is believed that one who contributes in the ThalaUtha process gets much more in returns from the divinity.